Our history

New World eBikes got its start on a ski trip to British Columbia.  Two skiers, who also happen to be tandem bicycle riders had a tough time with the snow conditions that day.  The slushy conditions reminded them of the snow so often found back home at Mt Hood, but they persevered and had a great day, despite one of them falling four times and injuring a knee.  The injured knee led to concerns about a tandem ride coming up in a few months.  The concerns led to investigations into how to electrify their tandem.  The investigations came up with nothing on how to electrify the tandem, since the frame and fork dropouts were a different size from single bikes.  

Further research led to finding the Gepida Rodanus tandem, and one was ordered from a bike retailer in Europe.  The bike proved to be outstanding in every regard, providing a very satisfying riding experience since the power addition from the Bosch drive system can be tailored to the need of the riders and the condition of the terrain.

The features, quality and riding experience were so impressive that these two intrepid adventurers felt that this outstanding product, in tandem and single bicycle form, should be brought to the US, and New World eBikes began.  We now offer the Gepida ebike in all its various forms - mountain, city, trekking, cargo and tandem.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!