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Gepida Ruga 1000 Technology
  • Bosch Active
    With the Active Line range, BOSCH provides versatile and customized products for modern electric bike users. The cyclist can cover greater distances and achieve more mobility during the everyday life with the available „tailwind” effect. The Active Line is ideal for free time cyclists, for city and tour riders.
  • Water Based Painting
    This modern and eco-friendly paint technology enables us to manufacture bicycles with immaculate finishes in a great variety of beautiful colors. The durability of these finishes is further guaranteed by the special powder coating applied at the end of the process.
  • Postmount 160
    This popular and well known disc brake fitting standard has been dominating the bike industry for a long time. The disc caliper is directly attached to the frame/fork with two bolts that are parallel to the plane of the wheel. The number 160 indicates the diameter of the rotor in millimeters. The advantage of this technology is the easy adjustability and maintenance of the brakes: no further adapters or shims are needed. 
  • ISO 9001:2009 Certified
    This international standard is designed to regulate constant and impeccable product and service quality in order to ensure consumer satisfaction. 
  • Hydroforming
    This special die forming technology is used to form our unique aluminum frames using a high pressure hydraulic fluid. The technology allows the aluminum tubes to be shaped into lightweight, stiff and esthetic pieces.
  • Optimized rigidity
    The optimal rigidity is a very important factor of the modern aluminum frames.  It can be achieved with our Hydroforming Technology to ensure our frames are stiff and rigid but still remain comfortable. 

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